Program manager in Egypt at TM's sponsored mobile health clinic for farmers, families and the local community, sitting with a group of kids

When community activist Drake Sadler co-founded Traditional Medicinals with Rosemary Gladstar in 1974, their goal was to reinvent the business of herbal medicine in North America. Responsibly sourcing herbs and developing specialized herbal tea formulas, they worked to serve a higher purpose: to promote herbal education and advocate for supply chain-driven equity and social business ethics.

A business based on right livelihood

Nearly five decades later, our purpose at Traditional Medicinals continues to guide us as we build collaborative partnerships with our sourcing communities, trade partners, employees, and nonprofits. Following the principles of “right livelihood,” we have pioneered an ethical sourcing model as we continue to engage in ethical practices and work to create equitable relationships throughout our supply chain.

Working together

Over the last five years, we’ve invested over $6.6 million in our social business model. We have provided support for the Traditional Medicinals Foundation, WomenServe, and Whole Foods’ Whole Planet Foundation and other local and global nonprofits. We continue to purchase certified Organic, Fairtrade International® (FLO), Fair Trade USA®, and FairWild®, supporting the quality standards and additional premiums paid to farmers and collectors.