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Introducing Our New Hemp+Herb Teas

Three boxes of Hemp+Herbs teas by Traditional Medicinals

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our new Hemp+Herb herbal teas!

This highly anticipated line features three new teas specifically formulated to support Joint Health, Stress Relief and Mental Focus. Each formula is supported by a combination of expertly-selected medicinal herbs and the power of 20 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract to deliver a hearty dose of plant power into each and every cup.

While hemp may be experiencing an uptick in conventional popularity, herbalists and traditional healers have long understood the power of this plant.

Historically used in the form of topical oils, tinctures, and smoke blends, hemp could often be found alongside a library of medicinal herbs in any herbalist’s apothecary. Due to modern geopolitical restrictions, however, we along with many others within the U.S., have been restricted from incorporating this dynamic plant into our formulas – that is, until now.

The U.S. federal government signed the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, otherwise known as the 2018 Farm Bill, into law legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp and the sale of hemp-derived products. Previously, only certain parts of the hemp plant, such as the seeds, were legal for interstate commerce. The passage of the new bill in late 2018 legalized the use of ALL parts of the industrial hemp plant, including the cannabinoid-rich aerial parts (e.g., flowers and leaves).

Naturally as a result, hemp products have made a big appearance in the marketplace. While there may be a number of these products on shelves, it’s important to source from a trusted-brand with a history of making high-quality herbal products and a commitment to efficacy and sustainable sourcing.

"Our team is committed to the ethical production of high-quality herbal products to support your needs."


The Traditional Medicinals Difference

As an herbalist-founded company making medicinal herbal teas since 1974, we treat hemp with the same respect, care, and appreciation as the rest of the herbs in our herbal formulary.

With our Hemp+Herb teas, you can rest assured knowing:

  • Organically Grown Hemp – After a year of arduous searching around the world, we’ve sourced our extract from some of the very best organically grown hemp available.
  • Clean Extraction – Our hemp extract is created by an organically-certified CO2 extraction process which concentrates the active constituents without the use of any petroleum solvents.
  • Water-Dispersible Hemp – Our team developed a proprietary process to ensure our hemp is water-dispersible, ensuring the valuable compounds make it through the tea bag and into your cup.
  • Expert Herbal Formulation – With efficacy & taste in mind, our herbalists expertly combined a collection of carefully selected medicinal herbs with our broad spectrum hemp extract to deliver three unique performance teas supporting joint health, stress relief and mental focus.

To learn more about the hemp plant, visit our Hemp 101 article!

Get to know our Hemp+Herb teas!

  • Hemp+Herb Joint Health: Featuring the traditional European meadowsweet flower and 20 mg of hemp extract, this floral and mildly sweet tea supports a healthy response to inflammation associated with an active lifestyle.*
  • Hemp+Herb Stress Relief: Chamomile, skullcap, and 20 mg of hemp extract provide a fragrantly floral, calming moment that is especially relaxing before bedtime.*
  • Hemp+Herb Mental Focus: In this blend, guayusa, yerba maté, mint and 20 mg of hemp extract work together to deliver a minty and lightly roasted dose of mental alertness.*

When you experience our new Hemp+Herb teas, you can sip with the peace of mind that you are ingesting a product made the TM way.

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