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Herbal Teas for Ginger Lovers

As ginger-obsessed herbalists, we know that not all gingers are the same. Like many medicinal plants, ginger’s potency depends on everything from the variety, to where it grows, the harvest time, and even the preparation. We look for plants high in gingerols, which are some of the plant’s most prominent active compounds—and are responsible for activating our tongue’s spice receptors.

From adding flavor to delivering medicinal benefits, you can see why you can find ginger in a number of our herbal formulas.

The gingers in our ten ginger-based products are sourced from all over the world and have varying degrees of spiciness. Ginger that’s harvested earlier on can sometimes take on a milder taste, making a gentle floral-like tea that feels like a warm hug. Mature rhizomes are often more fibrous and have a bit more kick to them. Depending on the punch it’s packing, we’ll use various ginger varieties for different medicinal purposes and flavor profiles.

It’s important to note that these different tastes also correlate to energetic theory, meaning that the spice level and how the plant is prepared and formulated makes a difference in uses. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, fresh and dried ginger have completely different energetic qualities. A fresh ginger rhizome (sheng jiang), like you get at your local grocer, has a warming quality to it. Dried ginger (gan jiang), from the teas and the spice aisle, is energetically hot.

There are many different medicinal and culinary preparations of ginger which extend from Chinese Medicine to Ayurveda and beyond. It’s no wonder this herb has been in commerce for at least 2,000 years.

One thing is for sure, ginger works. Whether you’re dealing with occasional morning sickness, cramping, or digestive distress —ginger has got your back.* Discover which of our ginger teas are right for you, from hot and spicy to warm and mild.

Ginger Aid®
This is our spiciest medicinal-grade ginger, made for spice-lovers. The ginger in this blend is meant to quell occasional digestive distress and ease nausea.* We’ve also added in a touch of turmeric and cinnamon, making it a super invigorating blend.

Lemon Ginger
Add a little zing to your day with one of our most refreshing ginger brews with a touch of citrus. Lemon ginger tea has been beloved by generations of herbalists for its soothing digestive properties and comforting taste.* Instead of using artificial flavors, our unique blend features organic herbs such as lemongrass, lemon peel, and hibiscus to create a fresh, citrusy post-meal digestive aid.

If you’re a ginger purist, this is your tea. It’s pretty tame, on a spice level, but arguably the most comforting. For this blend, we source a milder variety that’s warming and super soothing. Plus, you can use the tea bags to create a quick herbal compress or add to your broths to get a bit more flavor.

Ginger with Chamomile
If you’re looking to ease occasional stress and digestive distress, this combo will do the trick. Chamomile is both a nervine and digestive aid, and alongside ginger, this blend will soothe both your psyche and your tummy.* Light and floral, it’s perfect for sipping throughout the day.

Green Tea Ginger
Get some pep in your step! This blend will keep you feeling invigorated all day long.* A caffeine booster and digestive system supporter all rolled into one. Enjoy hot with a touch of honey or over ice on warm summer days.

Are you still craving more ginger? See our full list of ginger-infused products, including medicinal lozenges.

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