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Plant-Powered Coloring Activity

Child coloring in nature-inspired coloring book sheets

It is nearly impossible to list all of the benefits plants offer. During this time of tumult, we invite you to lean into the power of plants in all forms.

Currently we are enjoying silent nature walks, identifying plants in our yards and neighborhoods, sipping medicinal herbal teas throughout the day, supercharging our meals with adaptogens and spring greens, and deeply inhaling their beneficial aromatics through steam inhalations and diffusers – just to name a few things!

To satisfy and soothe our creative selves, we’ve developed these 5 Plant-Powered Coloring Pages. Each features an artistic illustration of a few of our favorite herbal heroes like dandelion, nettle, chamomile and schisandra berries, paired with a message to bolster the spirit. Designed to be enjoyed by all ages, they can be easily printed from a home computer. Our tip: print several copies and mail these inspiring messages to your loved ones.

We hope you’ll enjoy these therapeutic activities in combination with a hot cup of Traditional Medicinals tea.

Stay rooted, everyone!

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